nd is ranked 10th by the World Kickboxing Fed

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nd is ranked 10th by the World Kickboxing Fed

Editor's Note: China is rolling out a major documentary serieson its diplomatic principles [url=http://www.2018nikevapormax.com/]Nike Vapormax[/url] , practices and achievements over thepast five years. The English-language version of the program isalso available on television and online. To help viewers betterunderstand Chinese diplomacy, Xinhua is releasing a variety ofreports that include anecdotes, clips from major speeches, factsand figures.

BEIJING, Sept. 15 (Xinhua) -- The following are a selection ofkeywords concerning China's foreign policy and relatedexplanations:


In March 24, 2013, ten days after being elected president ofChina, Xi Jinping visited Africa on his first trip abroad aspresident.

Xi announced that China-Africa relations should be guided bysincerity, concrete results and good faith in a speech at theJulius Nyerere International Convention Center in Tanzania.

"Friendship and cooperation between the two people has becomesymbols of China-Africa relations and are well received by theinternational community," said Xi.


After President Xi took office in 2013, China's neighborhooddiplomacy entered a new phase, one featuring amity, sincerity,mutual benefit and inclusiveness.

"A good neighbor is not to be traded for gold," Xi famously saidin 2013. China's neighborhood diplomacy will not only benefit itsneighboring countries, but will also contribute to the peace andprosperity of the region and the rest of the world.

In October, 2016, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte paid afour-day visit to Beijing, China. The visit presented anopportunity for relations between the two countries to restart onfresh, more positive footing.

Duterte's visit, like those by Vietnam's Prime Minister NguyuenXuan Phuc and Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak, indicates thatcooperative relationships are now playing a leading role inregional diplomacy. Enditem

One of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges in China and the world announced yesterday that it would stop all trading at the end of this month following new Chinese government regulations clamping down on crypto-currencies.

The international value of Bitcoin has plunged in recent days amid speculation that the Chinese authorities will shut down the trading platforms following last week’s ban on initial coin offerings.

BTCC — China’s No. 2 Bitcoin platform by volume and the world’s third-largest — said that “after carefully considering” the announcement by Chinese regulators, it will “stop all trading” on September 30. It has already stopped registering new users.

But foreigners can still use its services in overseas markets, Shanghai-based BTCC said in a statement.

China last week announced a ban on individuals and organizations raising money through ICOs — a form of fundraising in which technology startups issue their own digital coins, or “tokens,” to investors to access funds.

The central bank, the securities and banking regulators and other government departments said in a statement that ICO is “a kind of unauthorized and illegal public fundraising.”

Following the decision, the National Internet Finance Association of China said on Wednesday that there was “no legal basis for platforms which engage in the trading of various forms of ‘virtual currencies.’”

The association, which was created by the central bank, warned on its website that such currencies are “increasingly used as a tool in criminal activities such as money laundering, drug trafficking, smuggling and illegal fundraising.”

The crypto-currency sank late yesterday.

According to the Bitcoin Price Index, which offers an average of the various global platforms, the currency had plunged as low as US$3,640 by yesterday evening after peaking at an all-time high of around US$4,359 on Tuesday.

Beijing-based Huobi, one of the country’s top-three Bitcoin trading platforms, said it hadn’t received any orders about stopping trading but will “obey government laws and try its best to protect clients’ assets.”

Digital coins, including Bitcoin, are often described as finance innovation tools but they operate in a generally unregulated environment.

Last week, Caixin magazine reported Chinese regulators are considering closing trading platforms of crypto-currencies, after banning trading of ICOs.

A top industry regulator echoed worries about the unregulated market.

Jiang Yang, vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, said at a forum held in Beijing yesterday that China should be more cautious on innovation in the finance industry to prevent fiscal and systematic risks.

At the start of 2017, the total value of all crypto-currencies was US$17.5 billion.

In August, it surged to US$120 billion — worth as much as Goldman and RBS put together, said CoinMarketCap.

KAMPALA, Oct. 7 (Xinhua) -- Australia's Piotr Logodzki is scheduled to face off with Uganda's Umar Ssemata for the World Muay Thai kickboxing title fight scheduled for Friday.

Logodzki told Xinhua on Wednesday that he is in Uganda to prove a point.

"I am here to take the title from my opponent. It is my first time to come to Uganda and I want to make it memorable with a win," he said.

World Kickboxing Federation supervisor Istvan Rozman will oversee the title fight.

Ssemata who is based in Thailand said he cannot wait for the fight to start because he is well prepared.

"I know Logodzki is a good fighter, but I am also good and a champion," said a confident Ssemata.

His first breakthrough was in 2013 when he beat another Australian Rhys Karakyriacos to win the World Kicking Boxing Council Muay Thai title.

Ssemata has 63 professional fights to his name with 40 wins, 20 losses and three draws.

Lagodzki is based in Sydney and is ranked 10th by the World Kickboxing Federation.

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