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SHENZHEN [url=]Laurent Koscielny Arsenal Jersey[/url] , Jan. 1 (Xinhua) -- While many Chinese parents arepushing their children hard in the harsh exam-oriented environmentof China's urban school system, Yun Xiang has left the city for thecountryside, determined to raise her child in the arms ofnature.

Yun Xiang and her husband quit their jobs in Beijing two yearsago, and settled down at the foot of the Wutong mountains, in thesuburbs of the southern city of Shenzhen [url=]Konstantinos Mavropanos Arsenal Jersey[/url] , with their five-year-oldson.

"We wanted to let our child get close to nature, and we heardthat there were some good schools here," she says.

Her son Dou Dou entered a private school based on the GermanWaldorf education theory, which emphasizes nature and the arts.

In kindergarten, Dou Dou spends a lot of time outdoors. He haslearned how to make pencils with beeswax [url=]Henrikh Mkhitaryan Arsenal Jersey[/url] , and how to make steamedbread with red bean paste filling.

Dou Dou has now entered the school's primary education section.He has no text books, and is encouraged to create his own textbooks by writing down what he learned in class.

Besides the school built on the basis of a western philosophy ofeducation, the Wutong mountains have also seen the emergence ofSishus, or private schools, which are usually run by families andmainly teaching traditional Chinese classics.

Zhang Zhonghe [url=]Hector Bellerin Arsenal Jersey[/url] , a former painter, now runs a Sishu in themountains. Besides Confucian classics, his students also learn artssuch as calligraphy, Chinese traditional painting and Chineseshadow boxing.

"Confucius said 'A cultured man is not a tool.' Children shouldnot be brought up in a uniform way, and they should be allowed torealize their different potential [url=]Granit Xhaka Arsenal Jersey[/url] ," Zhang says.

There are a dozen Sishus in the mountains, mostly on a verysmall scale, with a dozen students or less.

Qiu Ying rents out her house in downtown Shenzhen and sends herfive-year-old daughter to a Sishu in the Wutong mountains. Qiuworks in a foreign trade company in the city and spends around twohours commuting every day.

"Getting in close touch with nature is a valuable experience forthe child," she says.

More and more like-minded parents are gathering in the Wutongmountains, where an education community of 160 households has beenformed. The parents keep close contact with each other and areactively involved in school activities.

Yun Xiang says that recently in order to help the children'smountain climbing activities every Wednesday [url=]Emiliano Martinez Arsenal Jersey[/url] , some of the parentsbuilt an 8-meter-long wooden bridge over a cove.

"The best education for children is to inspire them to followtheir own way and teach them what they want to learn," shesays.

Sun Yunxiao, an expert with China Youth and Children ResearchCenter, says these schools are a good trial for parents toexperiment with different forms of education, but also points outthe importance of government supervision to ensure qualityeducation.

While Republicans’ agreement to a two year ban on earmarks is a step in the right direction [url=]Danny Welbeck Arsenal Jersey[/url] , we cannot afford to stop working on reducing our budget deficit, which was over $1.3 trillion last year. In truth, the ban will not prevent politicians from diverting tax dollars to local pork spending projects through other methods. In fact, the Democrats have not agreed to participate in the earmark ban at all. The biggest problem that exists here is that the ban will have a small effect on our huge budget deficit, if it has an effect at all.

At their current level of about $16 billion per year [url=]Carl Jenkinson Arsenal Jersey[/url] , even if we were successful in eliminating earmarks in their entirely the savings would be a drop in the bucket compared to both the $3.5 trillion federal budget and the $1.3 trillion deficit.

The other issue with earmarks is that most of them originate from within agency budgets, so eliminating them would not reduce spending; the money would simply be spent on other projects. Additionally, the President and the politicians that head up the agencies can direct monies to projects in a manner that isn鈥檛 considered an earmark but operates in much the same way.

According to Steve Daines, the ban on earmarks must only be considered a first step in taking a stand against runaway deficit spending. The next step, after the two year ban on earmarks [url=]Blank Arsenal Jersey[/url] , is to put policies in place to ensure that the Washington politicians cannot spend taxpayers鈥?money to suit their own agendas. It鈥檚 time to scrutinize spending bills that benefit only a few and add little in the way of job creation or growing the economy. We also need to increase transparency on how money is spent so that taxpayers can see how the taxes they pay are being spent. The ban on earmarks is a good start but there is much more to do.

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