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Tata’s engineers promise that this

1) Big Data:
Big data encompasses all type of data that may be structured [url=http://www.teamredsshop.com/Black-Zack-Cozart-Womens-Jersey/]Zack Cozart Womens Jersey[/url] , semi-structured or unstructured

90% of today鈥檚 data has been generated approximately 3 years back

Big data is based on three fundamental pillars or 3 V鈥檚

They are

Velocity is nothing but the speed at which data is increasing it is predicted as a volume of data doubles every 2years

Veracity (Variety)
It is a type of data it can be a structure(Excel file or database) or unstructured (like image or Video file)

It is the amount of data which we deal with is the Volume

Sources from where we get Big Data are

Social networking sites
E-Commerce sites
Weather station
Telecom company
Share Market
Difference between big data, predictive analysis and machine learning

2)Predictive Analytics
Predictive analytics is a type of Data analytics. Now you may think what is Data analytics?

Data analytics is a process of examining the data sets to draw conclusions about useful information they contain

There are totally 3 types of analytics in Data analytics

Coming to Predictive analytics it tells us what could happen it is mainly used to make a prediction about unknown future events. Predictive analytics uses many techniques from data mining statics modeling machine learning and AI to analyze current data to make a prediction about future

Difference between big data, predictive analysis and machine learning 3)Machine Learning
Machine learning empowers the machines to think and act for themselves [url=http://www.teamredsshop.com/Black-Scott-Feldman-Womens-Jersey/]Scott Feldman Womens Jersey[/url] , in other words, we can say it enables computers to learn from patterns and behaviors and act accordingly Without any human intervention or without being explicitly programmed to do so It uses different learning models like ARIMA, Gradient Boosting [url=http://www.teamredsshop.com/Black-Billy-Hamilton-Womens-Jersey/]Billy Hamilton Womens Jersey[/url] , SVM, Neutral networks and many more.

How it works

Normally we write programs to solve problems But in Machine learning we write a program that teaches a computer how to solve a problem for example

Suppose we have predicted sales for next month then, in that case [url=http://www.teamredsshop.com/Black-Dave-Concepcion-Womens-Jersey/]Dave Concepcion Womens Jersey[/url] , We will machine learning model that uses past historical data learn about pattern and behavior of stores sales and finally predict for next month

An advantage of machine learning is it can learn continuously to improve accuracy like human and predict maximum accuracy

Difference between big data, predictive analysis and machine learning By reading about these we came to a basic conclusion that these are connected by Data but these don鈥檛 work

The difference between data science and predictive analytics and machine learning is Big data has contains data that can be used for analytics. Predictive analytics uses data mining statistics modeling and Machine learning to envision data. Whereas machine learning uses data patterns and behaviors to Predict the future.

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Intended to be world’s cheapest vehicle, Tata Nano is was released on January 10, 2008 in New Delhi. It is Ratan Tata’s dream challenge and the main goal of this challenge is middle course people who cannot pay for brand new automobiles due to shortage of income. This little automobile is very reasonably priced and sensible alternative for the individuals throughout the India. Tata Nano is also considered as the 4 door mini-hatchback.

Specification of Motor: It has a two cylinder 623 cc and 33 horsepower rear. Tata motors assert that this automobile can touch the best velocity of 105 kms. As way as its fuel effectiveness is concerned [url=http://www.teamredsshop.com/Black-Joey-Votto-Womens-Jersey/]Joey Votto Womens Jersey[/url] , it is particularly created with fuel effective engine. twenty Kms can be easily covered in one litre of petrol.

Specification for Safety: Tata’s engineers promise that this automobile would be completely secure and outfitted with all safety measures. This auto is properly tested for front, rear and side collisions. Other specification contains durable seats, difficult passenger compartment [url=http://www.teamredsshop.com/Black-Jay-Bruce-Womens-Jersey/]Jay Bruce Womens Jersey[/url] , intrusion resistant doorways, seat belts and anchorage.

Dimension of Nano: As Nano is three.1 metres (10.23 ft) prolonged, 1.five metres vast and 1.six metres substantial and 4 people can take pleasure in their journey conveniently.

The concept of Nano is pretty distinctive and progressive. Its style has been manufactured by Institute of Improvement in Automotive Engineering [url=http://www.teamredsshop.com/Black-Aroldis-Chapman-Womens-Jersey/]Aroldis Chapman Womens Jersey[/url] , Italy. You can examine diverse variants of this vehicle that is Common, Deluxe, and Luxury. The Deluxe and the Luxurious variants contain services like air issue and physique-coloured bumpers. If you want to obtain a low cost however brand name new auto [url=http://www.teamredsshop.com/Black-Devin-Mesoraco-Womens-Jersey/]Devin Mesoraco Womens Jersey[/url] , selecting Tata Nano would be best selection for you.

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