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So You Think You CAn Dance Season

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A season-episode introducing their top 20 finalist is now air tonight. Let’s watch this exciting video of So You think You Can DAnce entitled ” Top 20 Revealed ” Its a great episode knowing that this tv reality shows is now introducing thier dancers. Be the first to catch this video of this tv shows in United States. many viewers are really excited in this H SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE SEASON 8 EPISODE 5 – TOP 20 REVEALED,SYTYCD season 8 episode 5 [url=]Cheap Kings Jerseys[/url] ,watch so you think you candance, say you think you can dance episode 5 top 20 revealed


The Top 20 dancers are introduced. Who among the finalist will be last long in this great competition. Who will win the prizes and who will be the next best Dancers of the Year. Let’s keep on moving and watch this video featuring the best dancers.


So You Think You CAn Dance Season 8 is all about – The summer hit So You Think You Can Dance , hosted by Cat Deeley, keeps viewers moving to a different beat as dancers skilled in everything from the ‘street’ styles of Hip-Hop, Krumping and Popping to Ballroom’s Salsa [url=]Wholesale Arron Afflalo Jersey[/url] , Quickstep and Jive compete to be named the nation’s favorite. In the performance round, 20 finalists dance for America’s votes, and each week the six contestants comprising the bottom three couples are given a chance to perform solo routines to encourage viewers to keep them on the show. Then the judges decide which dancers stay in the competition and which two are eliminated.

Dance competition series which determines the best dancing individual over 12 grueling weeks. The reality TV show So You Think YOu Can Dance has contestants perform a particular style of dance each week with a partner. The audience votes on their favorite couple leaving the 3 couples with the least votes up for elimination. After each dancer performs a solo of their choice for the judges, one male and one female contestant are up for elimination.

So You Think You Can Dance is an American dance reality show and competition that is broadcast on the Fox Network, on Fox Japan [url=]Wholesale Tyreke Evans Jersey[/url] , on CTV in Canada, on Living in United Kingdom and Ireland and on Network Ten in Australia.


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