Sand production capacity reduction reasons

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Sand production capacity reduction reasons


Sand machine at work, sometimes the production capacity will be reduced, why is there such a situation? Shanghai Shan Kai technical staff from the following aspects:

First of all, different stones with the same sand making machine broken out of the effect is not the same, because each region of our country stone hardness are not the same, the material hardness, then the crushing process is longer, the sand making machine vulnerable The greater the consumption of pieces, so according to different hardness of stone to do after the inspection custom sand making machine wear-resistant materials and models, can effectively avoid unnecessary waste, and reduce equipment damage but also reduce equipment downtime The frequency of maintenance, disguised increase the capacity of the equipment capacity for production projects to obtain greater benefits.

Followed by the sand machine auxiliary equipment to be in place, after repeated observations of the sand making machine work, the best sand particle size feed between 3 to 5 cm, too large and too small stone will affect the sand production , So in the production process for the production of large stones should be equipped with fine jaw crusher, sand supply to the best particle size.