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 Rick stein Mediterranean Escapes Turkey

rick stein goes around the Mediterranean; my friend sent me this link & it was interesting..it is a journey through some parts o turkey & u can learn some food recipes as well as culture ! may you visit it some time.. they talk about the identity of turkey...or how hard it is to describe it  well that can depend on what part you come from too ; enjoy & afiyet olsun !

şerefe means cheers !
R : how would you sum up turkish cuisine ?
G : it is like a melting pot of people... roots coming back as far as china & persia & then blended with the Mediterranean
R: but where are you ? are you western or european ? where does turkey stand ?

G : the "turkish identity" is one of the greatest problems we cope with .. are we european ?i mean turkey is a candidmember eu or are we asian or middle eastern or muslim
society but it is a secular state..we enjoy our rakı
to the greatest extent;) but what are we ? i think it is more Mediterranean we part of this culture for centuries...

part 2

rick it is lahmacun not Çun lol
Bana sakın söyleme hayatta kalamayacağımı
sen benim felaketimden kaçarken o bana sahip çıktı.
ne kadar aşağılık bir adam olursa olsun; yaptığının bedelini ödemeye
göze aldı.
senin gibi kaçıp gitmedi.