Qatari Al Mohannadi to jog for FIFA Exco

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Qatari Al Mohannadi to jog for FIFA Exco


Qatar will make another attempt for getting an official elected onto FIFA's all-powerful executive committee well before their hosting from the 2022 World Glass.

Qatar Football Acquaintance vice-president Saud Ing Mohannadi has announced plans to buy fifa coins stand in April elections to the role and in addition that of Asian kitchenware Football Confederation (AFC) vice president.

Al Mohannadi's candidacy uses the failed bid associated with Hassan Al Thawadi to get elected on to the world governing body's executive committee in 2013. Al Thawadi seemed to be beaten 28-18 in a head-to-head vote along with Bahrain's Salman Trash can Ebrahim Al-Khalifa, who was also chosen AFC President.