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Re: Perez with two outs inVi vill ha din åsikt – vem är bäst i NHL?

Vem är bäst av Connor McDavid och Sidney Crosby? Vilket lag har den fulaste loggan? Vilket lag är mest populärt i Sverige? Och vem är egentligen störst av Peter Forsberg, Mats Sundin och Nicklas Lidström?
Frågor man alltid har undrat över, men sällan har haft möjlighet att bena ut i någon större omfattning. Nu genomför därför, och CCM en NHL-undersökning för att få ett bättre grepp om NHL-intresset i Sverige.
Besvara frågorna här nedan och delta samtidigt i en utlottning av fem CCM-kepsar. Undersökningen pågår till den 8 december.

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Re: Perez with two outs inBehind the scenes with Ohio State's Chris Holtmann for emotional PK80 experience

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It's Friday, Nov. 24, and Holtmann is preparing for the sixth game of his Ohio State career. In a few hours, he's got Stanford. Holtmann is not oh-my-gosh-ing about his Buckeyes in this moment, though.
He's sitting in a multi-room suite that overlooks much of the scenic contrast of Portland's distinct landscape: chic urban streets clash with neo-hipster culture and an abundance of food trucks; hilly, high-forest vistas are backdrop to greater Portland's topography. The Willamette River splits the city into east and west. It's a sensational sight from the 22nd floor of the Hilton Portland Downtown.
Holtmann and his team finished film review earlier, followed by walkthroughs of their offensive sets in a bottom-floor ballroom at the hotel. The first-year Buckeyes coach allowed CBS Sports total access during the PK80 Invitational, college basketball's biggest early-season event over Thanksgiving weekend. But now the 46-year-old Holtmann has brought me up to his suite while he does some more game prep.
As we talk, Holtmann occasionally stops mid-sentence and chirps at the 65-inch television.
Butler's playing.
Those who still wear scorn on their skin have taken to calling him "Boltmann."  
Holtmann is lampooned by some Butler fans after he left in the middle of June for one of the best jobs in the sport. Talk truthfully to other college basketball coaches, and you'll find there are few who wouldn't have done what Holtmann did if they were in his position. His Ohio State contract is for eight years and hovers in the range of $3 million annually. But in this era of social media, for a program that had lost four other coaches to higher profile jobs in the 2000s, those numbers don't take away the sting.
The backlash has bothered Holtmann in the months since he left. He tries to avoid checking his Twitter mentions. Someone sent a piercing piece of snail mail, shipping him an envelope with a $1 bill inside. As Holtmann peeks at his folder with prep for Stanford, he keeps an eye on Butler's game. He's downing Riesens while watching the Bulldogs play a close one vs. Portland State.
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Re: Perez with two outs inRangers star Mats Zuccarello on excelling

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Mats Zuccarello might be the most tenacious player in the NHL, though he hardly looks the part. His curly, shoulder-length hair and disarming half-grin suggest that the winger is a laid-back type -- rather than the hard-nosed heart of the New York Rangers. Then there's his physical stature. At 5-foot-8 (he was listed at 5-foot-7 his first few years in the league) and 179 pounds, Zuccarello swims in his uniform like it's an oversized pair of basketball shorts and his dad's old sweater. That is especially apparent when he's tussling with a towering defenseman such as the Tampa Bay Lightning's Victor Hedman, which he did earlier this month, even goading the 6-foot-6 Hedman into some after-the-whistle shoving.
But consider how many obstacles Zuccarello had to overcome just to get here: Growing up in Norway, he was told he'd never make it as a pro. Scouts who saw him play in the Swedish Elite League believed he was too small for the NHL. Even after he signed with New York as a free agent in 2010, he wasn't a lock to make the Rangers' roster. When asked about Zuccarello's prospects during the winger's first training camp, then-Rangers general manager Glen Sather chuckled and, according to the New York Post, quoted a poem: "'Ten thousand Swedes ran through the weeds, chased by one Norwegian.' We'll see. He's in the same boat as everyone else."
Zuccarello is now the only Norwegian in the NHL, and he is his country's all-time leading scorer.
Consider also what Zuccarello has overcome since he arrived on Broadway: During Game 5 of the 2015 Eastern Conference quarterfinals, a slap shot off the stick of teammate Ryan McDonagh careened into Zuccarello's helmet. The winger was rushed to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a fractured skull and brain contusion. He remained hospitalized for three days, lost feeling in his left arm and couldn't speak for four days.
"I still have effects from it," Zuccarello said. "My talking is a little bit off when I get tired or I talk fast. I kind of stumble on words. Some words are harder than others. It is what it is. I'm from Norway anyway, so they don't expect me to speak perfect English."
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Re: Perez with two outs inThe Walking Dead: Josh McDermitt is loving Maggie's 'fierce leadership'

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Every week, The Walking Dead’s very own Josh McDermitt, who plays Dr. Eugene Porter, is taking EW behind the scenes of the hit AMC horror series. For each episode, McDermitt will share his thoughts on what went down and what’s coming up, plus walk us through the ins and outs of the show. This week, McDermitt dives into “The King, the Widow, and Rick.”
“The King, the Widow, and Rick” was the sixth installment of The Walking Dead for this season. John Polson directed, with Angela Kang and Corey Reed on writing duties, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this episode.
Carl (Chandler Riggs) took off to find the guy he encountered in episode 1 while out with his dad. He found the dude, and his name is Siddiq. Siddiq (Avi Nash) told Carl a story about his mom killing the walkers to release their souls and Carl joined in the fun. It was nice of Carl; always the good guy. Siddiq seems like he’s an all right dude, but in this world, you never know. I will say something about him seems off…like his hair is parted on the wrong side or something.  I’m sure we’ll get to the bottom of this guy in the coming episodes.
My favorite moment of the night was when Rosita (Christian Serratos) fired a bazooka at a Savior and blew him to bits.  I was on set that day and remembered watching Christian grip this rocket launcher that weighed as much as she does and fire it off. I mean, I didn’t like the fact the Saviors lost another soldier (GO SAVIORS!), but it was still dandy to see that kill.
I like to go to the set and watch cool scenes in the episode. Anytime you can catch Danai Gurira in a sword fight you must drop everything and observe. She’s an artist with that katana and very enjoyable to watch. Plus, there’s tons of snacks on set, so…bonus.
I’m loving the fierce leadership Maggie (Lauren Cohan) is bringing to the table. I feel like she’s making sound, moral, and merciful decisions, but there’s a healthy dose of DON’T SCREW WITH MAGGIE. I love it. And for my money, there’s no better dynamic on the show right now than Gregory (Xander Berkeley) and “Margaret.” I could watch a whole season of those two going at it. It’s interesting to put yourself in the characters’ shoes and situation and ask, “What would I do?” Would I be like Jesus (Tom Payne) and not want to kill any of the Savior POWs? Would I be like Morgan (Lennie James) and lose my mind and want everyone dead? Would I get impatient like Michonne (Gurira) and Rosita and go off to end this thing once and for all? Or would I be like Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Tara (Alanna Masterson) who are also trying to end this thing by capitalizing on an opportunity to do some damage? It’s tough to say. Each character has a solid argument for their actions.
Even Rick going back to the garbage heap — I don’t know what is going on there or if it’s a part of the bigger plan, but I do know that Andrew Lincoln in his underwear, as we’ve seen in the preview for next week’s episode, and playing in the trash is doing nothing to help his nickname of Stinky Linky.  Absolutely nothing.
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Re: Perez with two outs inFrom solar eclipse to Women's March

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The year 2017 was an eventful year across much of the world and google seraches proved to be a tumultuous one. Be it in the field of politics, technology, business or entertainment, the year offered us all possible sorts of highs and lows.
Now, as we all look forward to welcome a new year, let us take a look at some of the beautiful moments of 2017. And, photographs are the best way to cherish those moments. In today's generation, photography is considered to be one of the most fascinating forms of art. It helps a person to relive a moment from his past. This art form is not restricted to only professional cameras, people tend to shoot in their mobile cameras as well.
Social media has become one of the biggest platforms for all these aspiring and budding photographers where they can showcase their captured images. And, out of all those platforms, Instagram has turned out to be a treasure trove of talented shutter bugs.
In the waning hours of 2017, IBTimes Singapore brings you a series of Instagram images that took the limelight this year.

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Re: Perez with two outs inPatrick Kane resigns as Hermitage head football coach

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Henrico, Va. - The announcement came as a surprise to everyone except those closest to him. After 17 years, Patrick Kane stepped down as head coach of the Panthers on Wednesday, just days after falling to Highland Springs in the 5A regional final.
"You have so many years in your life, and there's some other things I'd like to pursue" Kane told Sean Robertson not long after the news broke. "There's no guarantees that I'll have those opportunities, but there are things I'd like to pursue."
Kane became the Panthers head coach in 2001, coming over from L.C. Bird where he was offensive coordinator. Before his arrival, the Hermitage program suffered through several mediocre seasons, but under Kane, they went 169-30, including making the playoffs in 14 of his 17 seasons.
The Panthers were 11-2 this year, the 8th time in the last 9 seasons they have won at least 10 games. The timing of his announcement, he hopes, gives the school time to find a replacement who will inherit a team that Kane believes will be well stocked to continue that success.
"My number one objective is to have Hermitage in good standing" Kane explained. "I know how important the off-season is for our program. If this [his resigning] was done at the end of the spring, it might put the program back a couple of years and I didn't want to do that."
In addition to the success on the field, Hermitage under Kane, has sent dozens of players on to continue their education and playing careers at every level of the college game. Some, like Seahawks offensive lineman Duane Brown, have made it all the way to the NFL.
"Every year, there's a re-evaluation process of what you want to do" Kane said. "The decision wasn't really made until we finished the season. I'm real excited about the program. We have excellent talent returning from our junior class."
"The future is bright."
Kane told his players of his decision during school Wednesday afternoon. Never an easy conversation, it was doubly hard on the players because there was no indication or rumor of anything happening beforehand.
"I don't know if anyone expected it" Kane said. "I'm not a gossip hound. I tried to tell the appropriate people correctly. My coaches knew [Tuesday] night. I told the players I would still be here for them. I told the seniors I will still help them accomplish their goals and told the underclassmen that I would always be here for them as well."
Kane has a Masters degree in administration, which keeps several options open to him for the future. "I haven't set one path or the other. I'd like to, in some form or fashion, continue coaching. I might take a year off to visit other programs which you can't do when you're coaching, and see how they do things."
Kane has two daughters in college and another who is a junior in high school. He admitted that the economics of his situation are always a factor in any career decision he might make.
"All they [his family] have known is me being the Hermitage football coach" Kane said. "When my oldest started kindergarten, I started at Hermitage. They love coming to our games. It's been a big part of our life. It was difficult, they didn't particularly want to hear it. But they know, it's time for Dad."
While the news is still new, this time of the year is when football winds down. When his decision might really hit home will be next spring when it's time to begin offseason workouts in earnest. Kane will be doing other things.
"I have some buddies with fishing boats" Kane said. "I'll be knocking on their door a little bit more. My girls were all athletes and I missed a lot of their events. Maybe I can focus on them more."
"I like to think of myself as a thoughtful person" Kane added. "I thought it out. This is good for myself, but Hermitage has an opportunity to take it to the next level and I wish them well."
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Re: Perez with two outs inAaron Chalmers wants to fight CM Punk

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Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers wants to take the scalps of CM Punk AND Baby Slice next year.
The reality TV star made the transition to mixed martial arts earlier this year and has two stoppage wins to his name.
And he wants to face the big names next year, including former WWE sensation and UFC fighter CM Punk and Slice, son of Kimbo Slice who passed away in 2016,
"It’ll be interesting to see if [CM Punk] has another fight early in the year. If he doesn't, I think Bellator might be looking to sign him. I'd love to do that fight later in the year," Chalmers told The Sun .
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Re: Perez with two outs inOvechkin hat trick lifts Capitals past Maple Leafs

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TORONTO -- Alex Ovechkin scored a hat trick to help the Washington Capitals defeat the Toronto Maple Leafs 4-2 at Air Canada Centre on Saturday.
His first goal was his 574th in the NHL, which broke a tie with Mike Bossy for 21st in League history. His third gave him 18 this season, which leads the NHL.
"Yeah, it's history," Ovechkin said. "To pass Mike Bossy, it's something special. My family is proud of me, but there's a long way to go."
[WATCH: All Capitals vs. Maple Leafs highlights]
Jakub Vrana scored, and Braden Holtby made 27 saves for the Capitals (14-10-1), who have won three in a row.
"I think we've been playing more of a game that we're going to find success with," Holtby said. "The third period today we might have to look at and figure out. We just kind of strayed away from what had brought us success, getting pucks deep and grinding teams, especially when we had the lead. We're trending in the right direction, though, and have some players who are putting good efforts in right now."
Jake Gardiner and Nikita Zaitsev scored, and Curtis McElhinney made 17 saves for the Maple Leafs (15-9-1), who are 1-2-1 in their past four games.
"That was a game that was very winnable for us," McElhinney said. "As a goalie you want to come up big and make a key save at a key moment and we just didn't get it tonight. So it's tough."
Ovechkin put the Capitals up 1-0 at 12:43 of the first period. He carried the puck through the neutral zone and got around Maple Leafs forward Leo Komarov, then skated into the zone, and, using defenseman Morgan Rielly as a screen, put a wrist shot from the top of the right circle past McElhinney's blocker.
"I thought he was 19 again," Capitals coach Barry Trotz said. "Hopefully he bumped his head and he can stay 19, I'll just keep telling him he's 19 or something. He was fantastic; when Alex is skating, he's a big, powerful man, and that shot, those things explode off his stick."
Capitals forward T.J Oshie, who had three assists, said he could tell early on that Ovechkin was going to have an impact.
"When Big 8 is going, he pulls the team with him," Oshie said. "When you see him out there working hard, it wasn't only the goals, he was forechecking, hitting, when he does all that, there's not many guys in the world who can keep up."
The Capitals went up 2-0 when Ovechkin scored a power-play goal with 47 seconds left in the first period. Oshie won the face-off, and Ovechkin one-timed a shot from the slot.
"I actually liked us," Maple Leafs coach Mike Babcock said. "We were down 2-0 after one but we'd given up not very much. I thought we played good."
Vrana scored at 11:02 of the second period to make it 3-0. He skated by defenseman Nikita Zaitsev in the neutral zone and carried the puck in on a breakaway before beating McElhinney with a shot to the blocker side.
Jake Gardiner scored at 1:24 of the third period with a shot from the point past Holtby's glove to make it 3-1. Zaitsev made it 3-2 at 6:09 when he carried the puck in from the blue line and had his centering pass bank off Holtby's stick over his right shoulder.
Ovechkin scored into an empty net with nine seconds left.
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Editor’s note: Throughout November, the Pucks and Recreation staff will alphabetically recount every state’s most memorable all-round hockey calendar year. The final installment of the five-part series covers South Dakota through Wyoming. In descending priority, we will take into account achievements by major professional, college, minor professional and junior teams plus players born or raised in a given state.
South Dakota: 2010
In their only championship campaign to date, the Rapid City Rush clinched all three series at home. They sweetened the ride by finishing two of those sets on an overtime goal.
The two-year-old franchise clinched its first series with a 7-6 sudden-death decision versus Missouri. It improved to 2-0 in overtime and 5-0 all-time in the postseason by bumping Bossier-Shreveport, 5-4, to open the semifinals.
The Mudbugs flexed enough formidability to break Rapid City’s perfection. But the Rush ran away with Game 7, stamping their passport to the Central League final. There they won their fourth and fifth overtime tilts, including a 4-3 Game 6 thriller to finish the Allen Americans. – Al Daniel
Tennessee: 2017
The Nashville Predators leaped into the national spotlight this year when they reached the Stanley Cup Final. Their unique traditions and fan support struck a chord with NHL enthusiasts everywhere. Many of the eliminated teams’ fan bases got behind them late in the run.
Expectations were high entering 2016-2017, as Nashville banked on a bevy of young talent and new blue-line anchor P.K. Subban. The Predators had an initially harder time fulfilling those predictions, but saved their best for the spring.
Upon eking into the playoffs, Nashville swept Chicago in the first round, then upset St. Louis en route to their first conference final. A subsequent series win over Anaheim gave the franchise its first Campbell Bowl. – Zach Green
Texas: 1999
The Turner Cup and the Stanley Cup have both gone to a Lone Star State team but once. Those titles came two weeks apart.
On June 5, 1999, the Houston Aeros edged the Orlando Solar Bears, 5-3, in Game 7 on home ice. It was their second straight winner-take-all triumph, following a 4-1 thumping of the incumbent champion Chicago Wolves.
As it happened, the night before Houston’s clincher, the Dallas Stars nabbed their own 4-1, penultimate-round Game 7 victory. Upon ousting Colorado, the repeat President’s Trophy winners carried on with unfinished business. They made their last checkmark in Buffalo on June 19 (technically the wee hours of June 20). – A.D.
The Salt Lake Golden Eagles had previously aggregated five playoff titles in the Central and International Leagues. But only the 1996 Grizzlies had to win four rounds to bring Utah a title.
The opening series constituted a rematch of the previous Turner Cup championship, which the Grizzlies won while representing Denver. The Kansas City Blades nearly had their redemption, but Utah won back-to-back elimination games in the best-of-five set. From there, the Grizzlies took another do-or-die contest against Peoria, upset Las Vegas in six and swept Orlando.
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Re: Perez with two outs inPlayoffs latest proving ground for rising Central Arkansas

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(STATS) – With a No. 3 ranking in the STATS FCS Top 25 and a No. 4 playoff seed, Central Arkansas finally has the national respect it’s been seeking.
And if there’s any remaining skepticism regarding their newfound reputation as a title contender, the Bears have a chance to change that as well.
A victory in Saturday’s second-round matchup with battle-tested New Hampshire would accomplish two significant firsts for a program that’s been on the fast track towards perennial power status. Central Arkansas (10-1) has never won 11 games in a season since making the jump to Division I in 2007 and more importantly, never has advanced to the quarterfinals in any of its three previous trips to the FCS playoffs.
“We have to approach this at a much higher level,” said senior rover George Odum, the Southland Conference’s Defensive Player of the Year. “Our standards have to be higher. We’ve got to dominate from the line of scrimmage. We’ve got to set the tone from the first play to the last.”
Though New Hampshire (8-4) hasn’t had what could be viewed as a vintage season, its name still carries plenty of weight in FCS circles. Sporting the division’s longest active postseason streak at 14 years, the Wildcats have won at least one playoff game in four of the past five seasons and their current senior class was part of the second of consecutive semifinals appearances from 2013-14.
“They’re a very, very proud program,” Bears coach Steve Campbell remarked. “So it’s a big challenge for us.”
That consistent level of success is what UCA has slowly striven towards in Campbell’s four seasons there. The goal came closer to reality in 2016, when the Bears went 10-3, won a playoff opener over Illinois State and gave eventual national semifinalist Eastern Washington some early trouble in the second round. They took an even bigger step forward this fall, capturing the program’s first Southland title since 2012, achieving its highest national ranking as a D-I member and a first-ever FCS national seed.
The Bears also enter the postseason as one of the hottest teams, having won 10 straight since a season-opening loss at Big 12 member Kansas State. That run includes a 41-30 home victory over Southland rival and national No. 6 seed Sam Houston State.
“I think we’ve just had more confidence this year, and I think it’s been that way since Game 1,” senior quarterback Hayden Hildebrand said. “Last year was pretty much everybody on this team’s first time in the playoffs. It’s kind of a different experience. Getting that under our belt last year, getting that playoff win and going to Eastern Washington and playing what was a tight game for a while against one of the top teams in the nation, I think it’s very beneficial moving forward.”
That swagger and attention to detail have morphed Central Arkansas into one of the tournament’s more dangerous teams. A balanced offense features Hildebrand (2,768 passing yards, 27 TDs, 7 INTs), the Southland Player of the Year and the FCS leader in passing efficiency, and a persistent rushing attack from the thunder-and-lightning tandem of 240-pound sophomore Carlos Blackman (702 yards, 10 total TDs) and shifty freshman Kierre Crosley (770 yards, 4 TDs).
“They are explosive on the offensive side of the ball with a very, very good quarterback in Hildebrand,” UNH coach Sean McDonnell said. “Their offensive line averages right around 308 (pounds) a pop. They’re a big, strong physical offensive line, (they) remind me a lot of (James Madison’s) offensive line with the physicality that they have. They’ve got talent across the board.”
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Re: Perez with two outs inEtling’s big night helps No. 19 LSU dominate Texas A&M

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Danny Etling passed 347 yards and three touchdowns and No. 19 LSU beat Texas A&M 45-21 on Saturday night in the regular-season finale for both teams.
Etling, a senior playing his final game in Tiger Stadium, completed 19 of 30 passes and had six completions longer than 25 yards, including a 56-yarder on a short pass to running back Darrel Williams and a 49-yarder deep downfield to D.J. Chark.
Etling’s touchdowns went for 11 yards to Russell Gage, 10 yards to J.D. Moore and 6 yards to D.J. Chark as LSU (9-3, 6-2 Southeastern Conference) won for the sixth time in seven games to finish with its best SEC record since 2012.
The Aggies (7-5, 4-4) entered the game with questions swirling about the future of coach Kevin Sumlin, who has never had a losing season since taking over at A&M in 2012, but who will go a fourth straight year without as many as nine victories.
Nick Starkel passed for 227 yards and two touchdowns for the Aggies, who twice cut LSU’s lead to just six points in the third quarter. But he also was intercepted three times.
Christian Kirk caught seven passes for 78 yards, including a 10-yard touchdown which made it 27-21.
But LSU responded with a five-play, 71-yard touchdown drive that included Etling’s 33-yard completion to Gage and his scoring pass to Moore.
Gage, who also had a 31-yard catch, finished with 81 yards on just four receptions. Chark caught five passes for 86 yards.
Running back Derrius Guice rushed for 127 yards on 28 carries, including powerful 1-yard TD in which he willed his way across the goal line, twisting and churning through several tacklers. Williams rushed for 106 yards, highlighted by his 77-yard gain on a direct snap to set up Chark’s TD.
Etling’s outing represented his best day yet at LSU, where he transferred from Purdue.
Etling’s previous LSU high for yards passing was 324 against Texas A&M last season. His career-high remains 485 yards passing for Purdue against Indiana in 2013.
The game was filled with miscues, including three turnovers on the first four series combined.
On the game’s first play from scrimmage, Moore was stripped by Aggies’ cornerback Charles Oliver after a short catch and safety Armani Watts recovered.
Three plays later, LSU cornerback Andraez “Greedy” Williams intercepted his fifth pass this season.
Two plays into A&M second series, running back Keith Ford fumbled on a hit by cornerback Kevin Toliver II and linebacker Donnie Alexander scooped and returned the ball 33 yards, setting up a field goal to make it 6-0.
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Re: Perez with two outs inDe retour dans la course

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Bien qu’elle disputait une deuxième rencontre en 24 heures et qu’elle ait atterri dans la ville de l’automobile aux petites heures de la nuit, la troupe de Claude Julien a défait les Red Wings par la marque de 6 à 3.
Brendan Gallagher a pris les choses en main en marquant à deux reprises en plus de se faire complice du troisième but de la saison de Charles Hudon.
Grâce à ce quatrième gain consécutif, une première cette saison, le Canadien a atteint la barre des ,500 pour la première fois depuis le 7 octobre. Cette victoire lui a également permis de devancer les Bruins au troisième rang de la section Atlantique.
« Nous ne pouvons pas nous arrêter là. Il y a d’autres victoires à aller chercher dans des matchs aussi importants que celui de ce soir [hier], a indiqué Gallagher. Quand on regarde le classement, on ne peut pas se permettre de devenir complaisants. Nous en sommes conscients. »
Quatre matchs de plus
Avant de trop se réjouir de ce retour dans le portrait des séries éliminatoires, il est important de préciser que les Montréalais ont disputé quatre matchs de plus que les Bruins. Ils en comptent également quatre de plus que les Sénateurs, sur qui ils ont une priorité de cinq points, et trois de plus que les Panthers.
Néanmoins, pour souhaiter revenir dans le coup, le Tricolore devait profiter de cette semaine cruciale au cours de laquelle il allait jouer quatre de ses cinq matchs contre des équipes de sa propre division. Avec un seul match à disputer à cette séquence, celui contre les Red Wings, demain, au Centre Bell, il affiche un dossier parfait.
Carey Price reposé
Conscient de l’importance de ce premier affrontement contre les Wings, Claude Julien avait choisi de faire confiance à Carey Price pour un deuxième soir de suite. Un phénomène rare au cours des dernières saisons.
« Il n’a pas joué pendant trois semaines. Il est bien reposé, il se sent bien. S’il avait eu une soirée occupée hier [mercredi contre Ottawa], on aurait peut-être pris une décision différente », a expliqué l’entraîneur-chef du Canadien à quelques heures de la mise en jeu inaugurale.
Price a bien répondu à l’appel. Pendant que ses coéquipiers peinaient à retrouver leurs jambes au cours du premier vingt, le gardien de 30 ans a multiplié les acrobaties, effectuant même un arrêt avec son postérieur.
Anthony Mantha et Tomas Tatar, en supériorité numérique, ont tout de même trouvé une façon de tromper sa vigilance. Toutefois, ce fut les seuls moments de réjouissances des locaux, dont le troisième but, celui de Frans Nielsen, est survenu dans une cause perdue.
Si la décision de renvoyer Price dans la mêlée n’a fait sourciller personne, on ne peut en dire autant de celle de confier à Jacob de la Rose le mandat de remplacer Drouin au centre d’Alex Galchenyuk et de Paul Byron.
Sans être éclatant, le Suédois a fourni des arguments à son entraîneur. Malgré une mission plus offensive qu’à l’habitude, il n’a pas paru dépaysé. Il s’est même inscrit à la feuille de pointage en se faisant complice du but de Galchenyuk.
« Jacob a pris la relève. Il a été solide dans les deux sens de la patinoire. On sait qu’il est efficace défensivement, mais c’est un bon patineur », a déclaré Galchenyuk.
Il est clair qu’en plaçant de la Rose sur cette unité, Julien souhaitait éviter de démanteler tous ses trios. Particulièrement celui composé d’Hudon, de Tomas Plekanec et de Gallagher. Une bonne stratégie puisque cette unité fut la plus menaçante autour de Jimmy Howard.
Andrew Shaw et Max Pacioretty ont marqué les autres filets des Montréalais.
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Re: Perez with two outs inOilers lose Cam Talbot, can’t catch a break

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It comes at a time when the Oilers were starting to string a couple wins together, having won two straight and three of their past four. Connor McDavid had gotten over the flu, Zack Kassian finally scored and Talbot was starting a mini-revival in the crease.
And then someone angered the hockey gods.
Perhaps Talbot injured his back from him having to carry the Oilers all last season. Maybe this year, the load has just become too much to bear.
It’s a joke, of course, but Talbot has played a lot of hockey, with ‘a lot’ being a severe understatement.
The 30-year-old played 73 games last season, a whopping 89 percent of Edmonton’s schedule and held down a .919 save percentage to go along with his 42 wins.
And that load hasn’t lessened at all this season, with Talbot having played in 22 of Edmonton’s 25 games.
It wouldn’t be surprising at all if Edmonton’s over-exertion of Talbot is somewhat to blame, but what choice have they had?
They’ve needed to lean on Talbot because they’ve needed to win games. And backup Laurent Brossoit’s .881 save percentage and 0-3-1 record isn’t doing Talbot, or the basement-dwelling Oilers, any favors.
Now that load shifts to Brossoit, who will immediately need to get better if the Oilers are to overcome Auston Matthews (who has the sniffles) and the Toronto Maple Leafs on Thursday.
Perhaps the rest will do Talbot some good. He’s received very little.
Meanwhile, McDavid vs. Matthews offers a salivating matchup for all hockey fans, even if both teams are polar opposites at the moment.
The Leafs are 7-2-1 in their past 10 games and are tied for second in the Eastern Conference with 33 points. As mentioned above, the Oilers are second last in the West and losers of six of their past 10.
Perhaps Matthews will be slowed down a little by the cold he is nursing. He failed to record a shot in his last game (which nearly led to Canada declaring several days of mourning), the first time in his career he’s done so. He also hasn’t scored in five games.
McDavid knows that pain. He hasn’t found the back of the net in his past five games either, but has offered up five apples in that time.
Matthews and McDavid have met twice last season and both times Matthews’ Leafs came out on top.
It wouldn’t be surprising in the least if something gave tonight for one (or both) of the superstars. Neither starves for that long.
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Re: Perez with two outs inWill Golden Knights still be sellers if they’re in the playoff hunt?

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When the Vegas Golden Knights were going through the expansion draft process last summer, most of their plans focused on the long-term outlook for the team.
Sure, they were arguably in a better position than previous expansion squads to ice a competitive lineup under the 2017 protection rules, but without any other assets beyond their own seven draft picks each year, GM George McPhee did what he could to expand that pool. He made deals to stay away from specific exposed players to pick up more picks, which ended up with the Golden Knights holding three first-rounders in 2017, and 28 picks overall in 2018, ’19 and ’20.
And then the start of the season came and Vegas won eight of its first nine games. James Neal had six goals in the first four games and though he’s cooled from that tear, Jonathan Marchessault and the unlikely William Karlsson have stepped up as point-per-game contributors. The goaltending has been the best story of all, as Oscar Dansk, Maxime Lagace and Malcolm Subban have all played a part in the Cinderella tale while Marc-Andre Fleury works his way back from a concussion — and there’s no timeline on his return yet.
On Dec. 1, Vegas is still in the running for top spot in the Pacific Division, just two points shy of the LA Kings, who have played two more games.
But because of their situation, it was assumed that most of their better players would be traded by the deadline for whatever long-term assets McPhee could gather. Neal, Marchessault and David Perron especially are UFAs who would bring value to any number of playoff-bound teams in need of a boost on offence.
If this underdog is for real, though, and there is a path to the playoffs, should that change any of the plans that were originally in place for a franchise most expected to end up at the bottom of the league?
“We do have a master plan, but if this team is in the hunt way down the road, way down the road, in March, then we’ll stay in the hunt. I wouldn’t derail it. It’s not fair to this team or this community,” McPhee said on Sportsnet 590 the FAN’s Prime Time Sports this week.
The Pacific Division used to be top heavy with power teams in California, but two of them (San Jose and Los Angeles) have taken a step back as they’ve aged in recent seasons, while the Anaheim Ducks are the most banged up team in the league and are missing basically their top two lines. The Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers were on track to take over, but both of them (to varying degrees) have found the rise isn’t so automatic and easy.
Now, the division is without a true favourite and has a goal differential of minus-25. That power vacuum has left an opening for the Golden Knights and it appears as though there is a scenario where they could become unplanned buyers at the deadline.
“We’ll do the best we can,” McPhee said. “We did the very best we could in the draft to acquire surplus picks and we did and we’re well-stocked for three more years and we’re going to use them to try to build a championship team, whether that’s through the draft or putting a few together to get another player. I hope to be nimble enough to be able to do things based on how the team is performing.”
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Re: Perez with two outs inWild claim Prosser on waivers, Quincey clears

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The Minnesota Wild claimed defenceman Nate Prosser from the St. Louis Blues on Wednesday, one day after waiving Kyle Quincey.
Prosser, 31, appeared in one game with the Blues this season, failing to log a point against the Calgary Flames on Oct. 25. He had spent his entire career with the Wild before signing with the Blues in the summer.
Quincey and Jordin Tootoo of the Chicago Blackhawks both cleared waivers on Thursday and will be assigned to their respective AHL clubs.
Quincey owns three assists and a minus-4 rating while averaging 14:17 of ice time in 18 games this season. He was minus-3 in the team's 7-2 loss to the Winnipeg Jets on Monday.
The Buffalo Sabres placed Matt Tennyson on waivers Thursday, while the Washington Capitals waived Nathan Walker.
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Re: Perez with two outs inTreasure Coast Golf Scores: Nov. 30, 2017

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Super Senior Division: Flight 1: Chuck Willett 144. John Jordan 150. Mo Terrebonne 153. Joe Gangloff 156. Rick Smith 157. Buck Buchanan 158. Bill Fairchild 158. Don Balas 159. Jim Welford 160. Don Burns 165; Flight 2: Ken Hite 163. Gordon Glidden 168. Joe Bauman 177. Kevin McKay 182. Ron Muntz 188. Chris Gray 200. Rob Nulty 84 DNS. Alan Ward 105 DNS.
Senior Division: Tracy Frey 140. Daniel Murray 144. John Profitt 152. Roger Kramer 154. Tim Timinsky 161. Dan Hainey 168. Joe Leone 172. Richard White 227.
Men’s Division: Dylan Miranda 135. David Torres 146. Ed Kenny 151. Darren Jernigan 152. Griffin Thompson 153. Adam Preuss 154. Nelson McCollum 155. Mark Jaworski 163. Justin Anderson 167. Rob Shelburne 169.
Diane Krauss had a hole-in-one on the 10th hole (111 yards) at the Vista Plantation Golf Club on Nov. 17. Witnessed by Norton Krauss, Dawn Rowe, and Mike Longo.
Gordon Glidden had a hole-in-one on the 16th hole (120 yards) at the Vista Plantation Golf Club on Nov. 27, using a 9 iron. Witnessed by Paul Rodliff, Lowell Sedore, and Frank O’Connor.
American Golf Club
Co-ed: (Nov. 22, quota match) Flight 1: (1) (tie) Rich Zappasodi and Ron Remillard +7. (3) Bill Steigerwaldn -2; Flight 2: (1) (tie) Joe Lynch and Donna Flecher +1. (3) Dennis Flecker even.
Barefoot Bay Golf Course
Barefoot Bay Men's Golf Association: (Nov. 1, quota) A Flight: (1) Bob Hill +6. (2) Bill Farynaz +5; B Flight: (1) Ed Constantino +2. (2) Art Lane +2; C Flight: (1) George Auletta +3. (2) Virgil Cypher +1; D Flight: (1) George Townsend +3. (2) Dan Fallon +2; Closest to pin: A Flight: Mark Lavaway No. 3, B Flight: Steve York No. 2, C Flight: George Skene No. 11, D Flight: Bob Baptiste No. 13.
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Re: Perez with two outs inSabres hope Tennyson clears waivers as defensemen return from injury

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Matt Tennyson looks ready for game action. But the Buffalo Sabres want the defenseman to get his timing back with some time down in Rochester.
Before he can play for the American Hockey League affiliate, he has to clear waivers.
And Sabres coach Phil Housley sure hopes he does.
"Well hopefully he does clear because I thought Matt brought a lot to the table," Housley said Thursday afternoon after the team practice in HarborCenter. "He had a really good, solid camp. He was really consistent with his play when he was in the lineup and then he got hurt and unfortunately we've got numbers coming back at us. On a personal note I'd like to see him get through, get back his timing, and get some games in."
Tennyson has been on the injured reserve since Nov. 7 missing 11 games with a foot injury. He was an everyday defenseman in the lineup, twice skating more than 20 minutes in a game.
The Sabres have an abundance of defensemen, nine total participating in Thursday's practice, as players start to return from injury. Zach Bogosian continues to inch forward to playing his first game of the season after suffering a lower body injury in the last game of the preseason.
"Monday his practice was really good," Housley said of Bogosian. "Yesterday and today were really good practices for him. There's a lot of battles involved in our practices so we'll evaluate that tomorrow and see how he gets through today after a hard practice."
"I feel like I've had a couple good days of practice," said Bogosian, who skated with Nathan Beaulieu on Thursday. "I feel ready. We'll see what tomorrow brings, but I'm sure I'll have a conversation with coach and go from there."
Marco Scandella and Rasmus Ristolainen retained their top pairing status. Jake McCabe was paired with Antipin. Tennyson rotated with Justin Falk on a pairing with Josh Gorges, who has been a healthy scratch two of the last three games.
Meanwhile, Housley tweaked the lines a bit again as the Sabres look for any type of chemistry that will bring them goals – or even just one goal. Buffalo is looking to end a goalless drought that has stretched to 120 minutes, 51 seconds, including back-to-back shutouts.
The only line at Thursday's practice that stayed the same as Wednesday's was Ryan O'Reilly's line with Jordan Nolan and Kyle Okposo on the wings. Sam Reinhart rejoined the top line with Jack Eichel and Evander Kane. Kyle Criscuolo centered Benoit Pouliot and Jason Pominville while Johann Larsson was between Zemgus Girgensons and Matt Moulson.
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Re: Perez with two outs inHeat is on Oilers GM after controversial trades

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At some point, the fans in Edmonton will get over Taylor Hall, right? Ditto for Montreal with P.K. Subban?
The two stars appear to be over them.
Hall said as much a couple of weeks ago when his — and I mean HIS — New Jersey Devils came through Toronto.
This is not to say Hall or Subban don't still love their original NHL cities, but they have moved on, in both cases, to bigger and brighter things. Hall's Devils are riding high in the standings, a team with a decent core that got an infusion of young, speedy talent.
The Maple Leafs take on the Oilers tonight, a team still kind of looking for its identity and maybe just starting to get its act together. No one thought they'd struggle as they have, but personnel changes can have a strange effect on teams. Sometimes, the moves take time.
Last year, for example, it seemed Hall wasn't totally aboard with being a Devil. His body language was bad, an executive with the team told the Star. He didn't play well. Reporters covering the team would always hear from him about how things were done in Edmonton, feeling as if his future was stolen from him.
Coach John Hynes visited Hall over the summer for a one-on-one to make sure Hall was fully on board. He came away liking what he heard.
"There's definitely a difference with him," Hynes said earlier this month in Toronto. "The trade did affect him, personally and professionally. He had a pretty stern meeting with Ray (Shero, the GM). I came up to Toronto and talked about lots of things.
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Re: Perez with two outs inPreview: Wild vs. Golden Knights

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SAINT PAUL, Minn. — At the midway point of November, the Minnesota Wild were on a roll, having shut out three consecutive opponents behind goaltender Devan Dubnyk’s strong play and a sound defensive game.
Just two weeks later, however, Minnesota is 3-3-1 in a seven-game stretch in which the Wild have allowed 30 goals, an average of 4.3 per game entering a Wednesday home game against the Vegas Golden Knights.
“If you’re going to do that, you can’t win in the NHL,” Wild coach Bruce Boudreau said after a 7-2 loss at Winnipeg on Monday, a game Minnesota led 2-0 in the first period. “It’s almost impossible for me to think you can get three shutouts in a row and seven games later you allow 30 goals. After those shutouts, we were third in the league defensively.”
The Winnipeg loss followed a 6-3 beating in St. Louis that left Dubnyk with 16 goals against in four games and backup Alex Stalock getting the start against the Jets.
Between game days, holidays and mandatory off days, full practices have been hard to come by for the Wild (11-10-3). However, Boudreau was able to put his team through the paces Wednesday as Minnesota prepared to face former teammate Erik Haula and the Golden Knights (15-7-1) for the first time.
“There’s a lot of things we went over because we haven’t had a chance to go over them, and you could see during the course of those last couple games, especially the last two, that they really started slipping,” Boudreau said. “And when you don’t practice, and we’ve called a couple guys up in the meantime, they don’t get a chance to really — you can talk about getting into the systems — but until you really work it, you don’t really know.”
As reported by The Athletic’s Michael Russo, the Wild will be without top-pair defenseman Jared Spurgeon for at least the next two games as the team evaluates the severity Spurgeon’s groin strain. The team also put struggling veteran defenseman Kyle Quincey on waivers.
The Golden Knights saw their eight-game home win streak snapped Tuesday with a 3-0 loss to the Dallas Stars. The shutout loss was the first in franchise history, and Vegas dropped into a first-place tie with the Los Angeles Kings in the Pacific Division.
Vegas wound up one win short of breaking the NHL record for most consecutive home wins in an inaugural season, a mark the 1917-18 Toronto Arenas had kept to themselves until this season. The Golden Knights’ NHL expansion record-tying five-game overall win streak ended, too.
Despite the loss, coach Gerard Gallant was not upset with his team’s play.
“I thought we played a pretty strong game, but we just couldn’t get any grade-A scoring chances,” Gallant said. “I think a lot of that had to do with Dallas and the way they played.”
The lack of chances contributed to leading scorer William Karlsson’s five-game goal streak ending, but the absence of forward David Perron was certainly a factor in the defeat.
Perron, a right winger who is tied for third on the team with 19 points, missed his second straight game after a hit by San Jose’s Timo Meier early in the second period of an overtime win against the Sharks on Friday.
“He’s an important player for us, there’s no doubt,” Gallant said. “He makes our team go some nights, and he’s one of our top six forwards, so when you miss a guy like that, it’s going to hurt you.”
Gallant said Wednesday he does not expect Perron to make the trip to Minnesota and Winnipeg but added that defenseman Luca Sbisa, out since Nov. 10 with a lower-body injury, would travel with the team.
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Re: Perez with two outs inAbout last night ... Canadiens romp to 10-1 win over Detroit

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Short ALN tonight, peeps.
I’ve got a shot at the late train back to the ‘burbs.
Besides, what is there to say?
No fewer than 14 Canadiens got their names on the scoresheet.
The only ones who didn’t were Karl Alzner, Jeff Petry, David Schlemko and … Max Pacioretty!
But the captain and his increasingly comfortable linemates played a strong game — as did everyone in a red sweater.
The only disappointment?
Nicolas Deslauriers, who had a goal and an assist, did not complete a Gordie Howe hat-trick.
Other than that, near-perfection and absolute bliss.
The forward lines were uniformly excellent.
Jonathan Drouin needn’t rush the recovery from whatever ails him. Jacob De La Rose again looked solid between Alex Galchenyuk, who had four assists for the first time in his career, and the game’s First Star, Paul Byron, who bagged the first hat trick of his career.
The Tomas Plekanec-Charles Hudon-Brendan Gallagher line continued to shine. Hudon scored a career-first Bell Centre goal, and Gallagher’s was the 100th of his career.
And the D in front of Carey Price was superb.
Shea Weber returned to the lineup and was effectively teamed with Jordie Benn. Jeff Petry and Karl Alzner continue to develop excellent chemistry. And Schlemko and Victor Mete were each plus-5.
This hockey obsessed city can celebrate for a couple days. Then the schedule gets interesting.
St. Louis, a Western Conference powerhouse, visits Tuesday. Then the homestand concludes with games against Calgary, Edmonton and surprising New Jersey.
The win moved the Canadiens a point ahead of Boston, but the red-hot Bruins have four games in hand.
If they’re going to continue to recover from their early season woes —– it took the Canadiens six games to score the 10 goals they scored against Detroit — the Canadiens have to continue to pile up the points … particularly with the traditional Christmas road trip looming.
Can they do it?
We’ll get a better idea against the Blues.
• On this day in Habs’ History: In 1995, Patrick Roy was beaten for nine goals — by the Red Wings! — skated off the ice and demanded a trade.
• The Canadiens had not scored 10 since Dec. 10 last year against Colorado..
• Jimmy Howard allowed five goals on nine shots.
• Paul Byron and Nicolas Deslauriers scored with 32 seconds on Pater Mrazek. Thursday night in Detroit, Charles Hudon and Andrew Shaw scored in 43 seconds.
• Tomas Plekanec’s assist was his 593rd career point, tying Pleks with Dickie Moore for 13th in team history. But let’s get real here: Moore was the better goal-scorer.
1 ... 30313233343536 ... 39