NBA 2K18: How to Get All Domination Rewards

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NBA 2K18: How to Get All Domination Rewards

While there are numerous ways you can perform to get excellent ballers, Domination style is arguably one of the best ways to steadily earn much better cards while earning MT points. Aside from the 3 card packs you can get by racking in large Cheap NBA 2K MT Coins <br/> points for each Domination match, you can easily acquire multiple uncommon player cards by simply winning matches.

Essentially, there are 3 ways to earn infrequent player cards in Domination: getting three stars in each Domination match, finishing historic card collections, and three-starring all matches in each Domination problem (Domination, Historical Domination, and All-Time Domination).

Except for the last couple of matches in each Domination difficulty, you can get a total of three card packs for every game: jersey pack, ball package, and player pack. Because the contents of each player pack is completely randomized, there's always a fantastic possibility that you'll get a good baller. For those unaware, package rewards from Domination are given according to your total MT points at the match. MT points you gain each game is based on participant performance, so make certain to make every second count and you do well on both defense and offense.

Winning games with the cheapest MT NBA 2K19 reward will also get you a jersey card bunch. Your jersey collection is not solely used for cosmetic purposes as completing each set will make you a rare participant, which you can track by going to your NBA Team Uniforms in collections and toggling Reward Uniforms. Additionally, getting each infrequent participant from the Historic house and away jersey set will get you a far stronger player.