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Libyan conception reflecting the aspirations

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TUNIS, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) -- UN Secretary-General Special Envoy for Libya Ghassan Salame launched a new round of talks on an action plan here on Tuesday in order to solve the political crisis in Libya.

The meetings in Tunis will discuss certain issues in Libya, namely, the appointment of the commander-in-chief of the army, the preparation of a draft constitution in addition to the recomposition of the Presidential Council.

Last week in New York [url=]Dustin Pedroia Jersey[/url] , Salame proposed the action plan which includes amending the current UN-sponsored political agreement, holding a UN-sponsored national conference for all of Libya's political factions, adopting a constitution, and paving the way for presidential and parliamentary elections.

It is a ""purely Libyan conception reflecting the aspirations of the Libyan people,"" said Salame.

""Today we are going to mark the beginning of the first stage of this action plan where the two dialogue committees [url=]Hanley Ramirez Jersey[/url] , the House of Representatives and the Libyan High Council, should start proposing amendments to Libyans around the Skhirat Political Agreement,"" he said.

The political agreement was signed in the Moroccan city of Skhirat in December 2015.

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