I need better treats off potions or more skills

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I need better treats off potions or more skills

With that speed as reference and 800 billion wellbeing used because the value for her hp, I would need no less than 22 minutes and 17 seconds of MS Mesos whacking off at her without moving. Factor in all of the dodging and healing and Toto popping up having to be killed before getting back to her? I just don't see this as being achievable as Demon Avenger pre-Heroes patch unless I'm just that F***ing OP to cap on all strikes near nude and go in with the max time potential.

This just isn't right man ... its just not. Please Nexon, let power elixirs and other potions to go beyond 100k fixes as potion pot only ain't cutting it with a maximum of 10m hp cured total after blowing off 11 or 12k NX to max out it considering I am 500k HP clean. I'd just love to remain that way when battling her to maintain my array and much needed Ignore Enemy DEF for past her 250 percent PDR. So please. .

Having a cap on power elixirs in 100k is all good and well in regards to mobbing, but then ...I dont ever f***ing use potions mobbing ... Just time I need to whip out them electricity elixirs is bossing and that's where sh*t gets all f***ed cause its nearly all %hp hits. Chaos queen I treat well enough on energy veil or merely overload release.

Places where this becomes a real problem other than the trapped situation at Pierre is magnus when you are in a situation where you should just tank the green meteors to avoid a 1 shot, gas or blue / purple meteor or maybe all them at once if you are in just that tight a place. And special maps in which potions are on cooldown but you have %hp attacks coming at you hard and fast and need up your range still like in the Hyperspace cube dungeon (random rooms that may need range and also a lot that do not) or even 42F in ounces or combating Dorothy around 50F.

Potion pot may be ok for Pierre and routine bosses where you can avoid getting hit all that far Maplestory2 Mesos, however in Magnus, Dorothy, and Lotus, that is just not feasible to be limited to say 20 electricity elixirs or even 40 elixirs for ordinary classes as that is the situation a DA is placed in with 500k HP while dealing with percenthp strikes. . No need to worry bout crap such as this, but if they do not limit them I need better treats off potions or more skills for rapid healing in these struggles. In only the first THREE MINUTES of combating Dorothy I visit the hp bar of the KMS dawn warrior that soloed her move down over 40 occasions ... If that was me the demon avenger utilizing potion pot?