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I had this project for which I needed

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There are a number of digital camcorders that use the MOD video format for video recording. MOD is the informal name for the video recorder format on tapeless camcorders. You may have trouble if you try to use this format on your Mac or Mac based applications like iMovie or Final Cut Pro and devices like iPhone or iPod, just like I did a couple of days back.

I had this project for which I needed to capture a number of video shots and then edit them to make a small five minute documentary. I used a Panasonic video camcorder which uses this MOD format. I took a lot of shots and finally I was convinced that I have enough to make a documentary out of them. So [url=http://www.teamgiantsjerseys.com/sterling-shepard-jersey/]Sterling Shepard Color Rush Jersey[/url] , I attached the camcorder with my Mac to extract the captured videos to my Mac so that I can play them and edit them with Final Cut Pro.

However, after I extracted the video, which were in MOD format, I found out that things are not as smooth as I thought it would be. For example [url=http://www.teamgiantsjerseys.com/eli-apple-jersey/]Eli Apple Color Rush Jersey[/url] , when I tried to play them using QuickTime media player, they were not playing at all. It turned out that the MOD format is unsupported in QuickTime media player. I was again stuck when I tried to edit them on Final Cut Pro as Final Cut Pro does not support this format too.

Frustrated, I tried to find a solution online. There seemed to be a lot of posts about this issue and all were pointing to one thing. That is to find a MOD Converter for Mac. While searching for a good converter it seemed that there are a lot issues attached to it. For example, there are video converters that can ruin the video quality. They can make the video darker. They can make the video blurry [url=http://www.teamgiantsjerseys.com/wayne-gallman-jersey/]Wayne Gallman Color Rush Jersey[/url] , grainy, blocky, hazy, striped etc. They can lower the quality all together. I did not want that. The video quality has to stay the same.

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