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Silk fabric is such a fabric which is made from threads and it is spun by the silk caterpillars. Silk caterpillars live on some specific tress and eat their leaves to live. These tresses are cultivated in order to cultivate these worms. Mulberry silk worm is one of them and most famous among them because mulberry silk fabric is one of finest silk made used for cloth manufacturing. The silk moths make their cocoon. Before hatching of silk worm into moth the cocoons are soaked in hot water to produce filaments. These filaments are then spun to form silk fibers which are processed to silk fabric.

There are mainly four types of silk fabric. They are mulberry silk [url=]White Sox Lucas Giolito Jersey[/url] , muga silk from east, tasar silk and eri silk. Mulberry silk is the most popular and demanded silk among all these. This type of silk is gotten from cultivating silk worms which are fed mulberry leaves. These types of silk worms are called as Bombyx mori L. Commercial silks are produced from this mulberry silk. Another silk fabric is muga silk. It is produced largely in eastern countries like India. In India in Assam muga silk is cultivated and it has a sweet golden yellowish color. Antheraea assamensis silkworms feeding on the leaves of Sorn and Soalu plant make this silk fabric. Philosamia ricini silkworms produce eri or endi silk. Tasar or tussah silk is used mainly for making your home more beautiful and gorgeous. It has a copper color and it has less glow than mulberry silk.

This amazing fabric has a unique glow to it that you won't find in any other kind of material. This is due to the fiber structure which is like a triangular prism. This makes the fabric reflect light from many angles and gives it that specific, wonderful and shimmering effect. Raw silk fabric is a bit different from other types though. What differs between raw silk and other kinds is that the sericin [url=]White Sox Jose Abreu Jersey[/url] , that naturally protects the fabric, has not been removed. This gives the raw kind a stiffer and duller appearance than other types of silk. It is beautiful in its own unique way.

You can test silk fabric’s durability with a simple test. You can take a steel filament of a diameter and now take same diametric cloth of silk. You can watch that silk fabric will stay longer than the steel filament. It will break early than the silk. As it has been said that any color or dye gets perfect matched and sustainable on this silk fabric because it has moisture absorbing capacity is great which makes it cool in summers and warm in winters.

It definitely is something that makes us feel wonderful and it brings about a luxurious feeling. Many have been the attempts to copy the qualities of this special type of material, but it has not yet been successful. That unique shimmer in combination with the pleasant sensations it gives our skin is only found in silk fabrics.

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Wet dreams or nightfall is quite common in males during puberty and could also occur in older men. There is nothing to worry if it is an occasional occurrence though it could cause problems when it occurs as frequently as almost every night. Nightfall or wet dreams problem could occur due to various causes the most important being sexual thoughts, over masturbation [url=]White Sox Jeff Keppinger Jersey[/url] , hormonal imbalance and unfulfilled sexual desires.

Frequent and excessive nightfall could signify weakness and infection of the urogenital system and cause serious health implications as physical and sexual weakness, premature ejaculation, and low sperm count [url=]White Sox James Shields Jersey[/url] , with frequent and acute night emissions lead automatic emissions at any time.

This calls for medical care and natural methods to overcome the problem of night emissions.

The use of bottle gourd juice cannot be overlooked for overcoming frequent nightfall or wet dreams problem; prepare and take half a glass of the juice just before going to bed or mix bottle gourd juice with sesame oil and then use the mixture to massage your scalp. Bottle gourd juice cools your system and helps you stop nightfall.

Get over frequent and excessive nightfall by taking hot milk mixed with ginger and presoaked almonds. It would also help to take several bananas and a glass of hot milk at bedtime. Also taking 2 to 3 cups of curds before going to bed cool your body system. You can also intake NF Cure capsules and Vital M-40 capsules.

The wet dreams problem is also overcome by taking gooseberry juice every day at bedtime. This juice cools the system and boosts immunity.

Include garlic and onions preferably raw in your daily diet. Garlic has many health benefits; you could chop 3 to 4 buds of garlic into small pieces, mix with water, and take before going to bed. Consume onions in your daily diet raw [url=]White Sox Harold Baines Jersey[/url] , in salads and in sandwiches.

Get over the excessive nightfall disorder by mixing honey with the extracted juices from celery and fenugreek leaves in the ratio 1:2 and taking it every night for a month. This juice cures both nightfall as well as premature ejaculation.

Read books that are inspirational and good at bedtime; read books on friends, God, colleague life [url=]White Sox Frank Thomas Jersey[/url] , or love. Avoid reading books with sex image or plots. Also have a calm bedtime routine to avoid night emissions and also induce good sleep.

You can reduce the wet dreams problem by taking at least 2 cups of sage tea every day; it is the best taken first thing in the morning and at bedtime. Sage tea has a lot of other health benefits also.

Avoid excessive nightfall by adding few drops of essential oils like lavender, jasmine, and rose to your bath at bedtime; this also helps by relaxing the mind and inducing good sleep.

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