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It is not possible that you are a having smartphone and you aren’t aware of WhatsApp.As it is the most common chatting & calling app with over 100 million users worldwide. It is a good medium to connect with anyone all over the world. WhatsApp is among those apps we install first on a brand new smartphone because it is a well managed messaging app with the great user interface and fabulous features. (GB WhatsApp) But when it comes to stock WhatsApp there are some restrictions which can be overcome by using WhatsApp Mods ! GBWhatsApp is the most famous WA Mod loved & trusted by millions of users.

Many Android users want to use dual whatsapp or whatsapp beyond its limits which lead developers to develop their custom whatsapp mods ! The majority of people use whatsapp messenger, but many feel its missing a bunch of features like themes, lock, privacy options, etc. Therefore a mod was developed by the omar called gbwhatsapp which is also one of the most famous whatsapp mods nowadays. Use dual whatsapp on your Android device with many awesome custom mods & tweaks which will take your whatsapp usage to the next level.

GBWhatsApp is modified version of official whatsapp comes with extra features, mods & tweaks which are necessary for better use. Many whatsapp mods are available online, but gbwa is always the first choice of users due to its popularity & the amazing features it has. It was launched years ago, but it is still updated monthly by its development team. Most droid geeks choose gb whatsapp over official built & all other whatsapp mods as it is also the most trusted & rated mod seeing the downloads & its massive fan following

Gbwhatsapp is one of the best whatsapp mod ever. You can Download Apk from GBwhatsapp official website