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In the crazy economic times that we are currently living in I am wondering if the money and time spent on watching millionaires play sports is going to drop? I am talking about all sports here Ryan Switzer Jersey , Football both American and European, Baseball, Hockey, NBA car racing like Nascar, Formula 1 and many more. You have to think that most of us around the world are going to take a serious look at were are dollars are going. One of the easiest ways to reduce our monthly expenses is to remove those items that aren't necessities. Watching professional sports is one of them and the truth is before this recession hit most of us could not afford to go to a game anyways.

Most of us agree that a major portion of these athletes make way too much money for playing a sport most of us do for free. In fact most of us pay money to play these sports on the weekends. Past the fact that most of us have been avoiding live sporting events for years because of its price I wonder how many of the supporters will stop going to games?

Most analysts expect the slow down in the economy to last about 4-5 years before things get back to normal. Can major sports whether the storm? Do they provide enough value for what the fan gets in return. Most of us disagree and here's why Jourdan Lewis Jersey , I will take a New York Knicks game for example, the average ticket is over $150 per person, then you have to get a hot dog and a drink and if you're lucky maybe an ice cream cone. This all adds up to roughly $60 for a family of four. You then have to factor parkingtransportation which is going to be $20. For a family of four the total cost for one evening of NBA action is $700. Even if you have that amount of disposable monthly income is it even worth it?

Things are going to change that's for sure, I hope all of you athletes have done a good job investing your money. If I am right you'll be making a whole lot less in the near future!

My mother always taught me to find the positives in everything and this to me is going to be a big one, athletes' making less money. I think they should start paying these guys based on performance Chidobe Awuzie Jersey , I have to admit I do prefer the way golfers and the auto racing guys get paid. Win a race or a tournament and you get more money, the only part that pisses me off, the guy that finishes in last place usually makes more than I do in a year!

HANGZHOU, Jan. 20 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese enamel manufacturer claimed it has invented a new construction material that turns the exterior of buildings into air purifiers.

Kaier New Materials Co. Ltd., based in east China's Zhejiang Province Taco Charlton Jersey , recently announced that it had developed a new kind of enamel block that can decompose air pollutants, including PM2.5, into carbon dioxide, mineral salt and water.

Shu Wenxiao, a researcher with the company Jaylon Smith Vapor Untouchable Jersey , said, "We have added a highly oxidizing and hydrophilic nanometer material into the enamel. The new material will have a photosynthesis-like reaction with organic air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides and sulfides."

PM2.5, airborne particles smaller than 2.5 microns in diameter, is made up of pollutants including organic matter, sulfates and nitrates.

Shu estimates that every 200 square meters of enamel block have a similar air purifying effect as 14 mature poplar trees. "If we cover a 100-meter tall building with 20 Emmitt Smith Vapor Untouchable Jersey ,000 square meters of the material, the building will be able to purify air as efficiently as 1,400 poplar trees."

Shu Wenxiao said that the water produced from the chemical reaction can form a thin film on the outside of the buildings, which will mean the walls need not be washed.

According to the company, the self-cleaning ability was confirmed by a construction material testing center earlier this month Demarcus Lawrence Vapor Untouchable Jersey , but the air-purifying function is waiting authentication.

"The material has been used on the exterior walls of our building for ten months as a trial and it has decomposed pollutants," he said. "However, we have no plans to bring the product to market just yet. Domestic testing institutions lack standards for such material, and we are looking for foreign organizations."

Doubts have been raised. Pan Liangjiang from a Zhejiang-based environmental protection technology developer said, "Technically speaking Dak Prescott Vapor Untouchable Jersey , it is possible for nanometer material to decompose organic matters using sunlight. However, the feasibility of actually using the material in construction is questionable. There are some issues to consider. For example, whether the mineral salt created will reduce the material's effectiveness life. Will reduced sunlight in smoggy weather affect the decomposition effect?"

Suites De Laurel is a new 5-Storey Residential development consisting of 72 apartments in the distinguished non-public residential locale in district twenty one near King Albert’s Park.

Suites De Laurel is surrounded by amenities, eateries, renowned educational institutions Ezekiel Elliott Vapor Untouchable Jersey , international colleges, upcoming MRT station, Nature Reserve and straight forward access to PIE expressway.

It is appropriate for own stay with all the amenities in a goodwell-known and established private residential enclave.

Suites De Laurel can be a good investment as well with ample demand by expatriate tenants.

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